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PETIQUE FN040010000 Hooked Paw Me Tuna Nuggets Treats for Cats and Dogs

● Quality Assurance: We work with an independent lab that run tests using FDA and AAFCO standards to ensure quality of our treats. We test for the major Heavy Metals, E. Coli, Listeria and Salmonella● Warning and Caution: For Pet Only! Children should be accompanied by adults when feeding pets to prevent any possible accidents by over excitement of the pets● Please remember to store treats in the refrigerator or freeze after opening. Treats will remain fresh for approx. 2 weeks. Slight color change may occur. Keep bag tightly sealed for freshness● Please select, or cut proper product size for pets to consume. This will prevent them from swallowing oversized product● It is highly suggested that sufficient water should be available for pets when consuming this product

Hooked Paw Me! Pet Treats are packed with protein and baked at low temperature to keep its nutritional values, our treats are delicious and 100% natural! Even the pickiest eater would indulge. Great for both dogs and cats, your pets will be hooked and pawing you for more!.