5 Pack Women's Breathable Cotton Lace Thong Lingerie G String Underwear Panties For Women

  • The crotch of the lace thong is made of pure cotton fabric. It feels very good to the skin with good breathability and moisture absorption, which can protect your skin well. The waist of the underwear is made of lace without the tighten sense. You even hardly feel it as it is so soft.
  • Lace T-shirts are printed with color and graphic pattern. They are beautiful, sexy and distinctive. You are full of temptation after wearing them.
  • The edge of the underwear is well stitched. It is very durable without tightening sense for your skin. The lace thong can be washed many times without deformation and pilling.
  • The thong is a combination of pure cotton and lace with unique appearance and Wild beauty. Cotton and lace parts are very durable, which is both beautiful and comfortable to wear.
  • Five lace panties for one package with different colors. It is designed for women in Europe and the United States and it fits your bodies very much. You will be very sexy with our panties every day.
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