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Active Kyds Adjustable Yellow Hard Hat for Kids Construction Costume (Small)

● Make sure this fits by entering your model number.● This hard hat features a DURABLE ABS PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION SHELL. This hard hat will stand the tests of time in any active household.● With the REMOVABLE/WASHABLE SWEATBAND and the ADJUSTABLE 6 POINT SUSPENSION INSERT, this Hard Hard will provide a snug and comfortable fit that kids can wear for hours.● Every Active Kyds hard hat comes with an ADJUSTABLE CHIN STRAP to help your child keep the hat on their head. The Chin strap can also easily be removed if preferred.● This Small Size fits ages 1-4 years or circumference head sizes 18.5" to 21" when measured just above the ears.● Built on pillars of customer service and great quality, Active Kyds is a U.S.A. brand whose goal is to help parents provide kids with a healthy, active and creative lifestyle.

Product Description

These aren't Party Hats that break when you drop them!

Though the features on this hard hat are common sense, they aren't common!

The 6-point adjustable suspension is rare on a kids hard hat. But this is important. Think of the suspension system as the seat in your car. It would be uncomfortable to sit on the hard floor in your vehicle. The seat (suspension system in this case) is the cushion between the hard surface and your body. It allows for a comfortable ride. The adjustable head strap AND chin strap are the seat belts to keep the fit snug while running, jumping or just snooping around. :)

Like many adult hard hats, this shell is made with a durable  ABS plastic to withstand any kids rough housing. This is very uncommon for a childs hard hat. Most kids hard hats are built for a "one and done" type use. Ours is actually reusable and meant to be handed down from kid to kid.

The terrycloth/sweatbandis unheard of for a kids hard hat! But its the small details like this that help our hard hat stand out. It may not seem like a big deal for an adult, but if Dad's hard hat has a sweatband, you know the little guy will also need one! But its not just for looks. It is a functional sweatband and also improves comfort.

Active Kyds innovates to help your kids!


When you see an Active Kyds product, you can be sure that it is innovative and one of a kind! At least until someone copies it!

We know that not enough thought and energy are put behind kids products to get them to the level they should be. Not only in quality but also in the purpose
behind the product. All toys are meant to entertain, but only specific toys can entertain AS WELL AS improve motor skills, engage imagination and also encourage 
physical activity!

Active Kyds is a Minnesota company that was built from scratch by two dads from large families. The experience with kids is off the charts. We didn't have a TV growing up, so we had to use our imagination. Our imaginations to this day are still on overdrive! 

Our only hope is that Active Kyds can supply a few items that can improve your child's development and help ensure a successful life!

We thank you for your business!