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Albacore Tuna Pet Treats 2.82 Ounces

● 2.82 Ounces Food● Serving Size:

Medical evidence that suggests Omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fish oils can help: Reduce heart disease and inflammation Contribute to over-all wellness Improve healthy skin and coat Help reduce joint inflammation and help boost joint function, flexibility and mobility100% Natural Albacore Tuna TreatsExcellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids High in protein and healthy fish oilsHelps boost joint function, flexibility and mobility100% OrganicOur Australian Albacore Tuna comes from one of the worlds cleanest environments (Source: Australian Govt.- Australian). It, too, is dense in protein and an excellent source of essential fish oils that promote health. To protect the nutritional value of these superior proteins, we process them with our low temperature dehydration process. This locks in nutritional value and ensures long shelf life.