GlowCity LED Light-Up Basketball – Size 5, 27.5 inch, Ideal for Youth & Pre-Teen Night Games – Impact Activated Glow-in-The-Dark Fun, Nylon Wound Durability, Batteries Included

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Product Description

GlowCity is proud to provide some of the most inventive and user friendly LED Sports Products on the market. Our LED Light Up Size 5 Basketball is a wonderful example of exactly that. We stand by all of our products and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

GlowCity LLC LED Light Up Sporting Goods Basketball Size 6 25.8"

This LED Basketball is so amazing! As soon as you bounce the ball, two impact activated LED lights illuminate the entire basketball with a magnificent red glow. The ball looks, feels and plays just like a regular basketball. Shooting some hoops in the driveway after dark has never been so much fun! Be the first to show your friends this unique ball. We've heard so many great stories from basketball players who have tried our LED Basketball and love it. Great for:

  • Basketball Freestyles
  • Performances
  • Halftime Shows
  • Talent Shows
  • Trick Shots
  • and many other fun uses.

Its always fun playing with products that glow or light up. Here at GlowCity, we play with this ball all of the time and take breaks from work to shoot some hoops. In addition to this being a really fun product, we've noticed ourselves getting more exercise than usual. We play with the ball at times we normally wouldn't and play longer because its so much fun. These make great gifts and are truly a unique product. Show up to your next local night basketball game or event and bring one of these. Just bouncing these illuminated balls attracts attention like you wouldn't believe. People are drawn right to the ball at night and will want to see it for themselves.

Official Size and Weight Number 5 Basketball:

This is a well made balanced basketball. There is no wobble whether bouncing it or spinning it in the air. The lights are secured inside the ball in their own little compartments on either side of the ball. To activate the lights all you have to do is play with it and the lights will turn on. A simple bounce on the ground does the trick.

Once you are done playing with it - the lights will shut off after about 40 seconds of non-use. The batteries are replaceable, and last for a long time. Instructions are provided with steps on changing the batteries so you can continue to use this excellent product.

GlowCity LLC Light Up LED Basketball Size 6

That Perfect Unique Gift:

The GlowCity LED Light Up Basketball is a perfect gift for all ages. A slam dunk for birthdays, holiday gifts or for any occasion for that matter! The person receiving it is going to absolutely love it.

Includes Preinstalled Hi Bright LED's:

Just fill the ball with air and you are ready to go. After about 30 hours of active play you will have to use the tool included to change the batteries.

GlowCity LLC Light Up LED Basketball Official Size 6

Plays And Feels Like Any Other Basketball:

Looks and feels like a regular basketball until it gets dark out and then wow!

Wait Till Night Falls:

This Light Up Basketball will be the talk of the neighborhood and everyone will want one. Be the first to have the GlowCity LED Basketball.

(Hoop Lights not included.)

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Size Official Size 6 Junior Official Size 5 Official Size Official Size Official Size 5
Impact Activated
Batteries Included Pre-installed
Battery Lifespan 30 Playing Hours 30 Playing Hours 30 Playing Hours 30 Playing Hours 30 Playing Hours 30 Playing Hours
Auto Shutoff 30-40 Seconds After Use 30-40 Seconds After Use 30-40 Seconds After Use 30-40 Seconds After Use 30-40 Seconds After Use 30-40 Seconds After Use