HoloGear HoloHoops Holographic Glowing Reflective Basketball - Light Up Camera Flash Glow in The Dark Basketballs - Hoop Gifts Toys for Kids and Boys - Perfect Toy (Multi-Color Glow Womens 28.5 in)

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The ultimate sports gift perfect for all ages. The effect is only visible in the captured photo or recording, and the ball itself does not light up. For videos, the flash must be continuously on, which is a common feature for most smartphones. The brighter the light, the brighter the basketball will glow onscreen. Posts of your glowing HoloHoops ball are sure to stand out, and videos of your basketball handling skills and other highlights will spark an interest in your friends and followers in wonder of the ball’s holographic appearance. Younger ballers will immediately start sharing photos and videos with their friends, excited to show it off. It will also encourage them to get creative in their photos and videos, working with friends to get the best shot. It is regulation size and has a standard bounce with a deep channel design, giving it an optimal grip for handling and shooting. It is also extremely durable and great for both indoor and outdoor use. Its durability makes it perfect for use on any outdoor surface as a street ball. When light hits this coating, it causes a reflective effect that can be cap