Kuangmi Colorful Street Basketball for Men Women Youth Teenager Child Kids Boys Girls

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Product Description

Kuangmi Colorful Basketball for Men Women Teenager Youth Kids - Best New Semester Gifts

kid basketball

PU Fabric - Anti-slip,soft and durable

Woven design impression - Increase friction for anti-slip

Sealed air tap design - Anti-water and leak-proof

Bar-groove design - Improve ball-grasping feel

Bounce great well that is very important in a basketball,bounce or spring back up as quickly

Handmade,creating a clean and harmless world

  • The color is highlighted and will not be confused with the basketball of others,Give your child a unique childhood.Bright enough that if it accidentally rolls somewhere,It's easy to see
  • Do not ignore the impact of color on children's intellectual development.The latest research shows that if people grow up in colorful environments,their ability to observe, think, and memory is higher than that those grown in normal color

IDEAL GIFT for new term,New Semester,back to school

Quality Certification & Test

A healthy & safe basketball

HAP Environmental Testing Report
Kuangmi Basketball,the PU leather through the HAP environmental quality inspection report,moisture absorption,prevent slippery

Accompany is the most soulful confession of love:
Give you,or your husband(wife),or boyfriend(girlfriend),or child a health basketball.Spend more time to accompany them,your will have a different and meaningful life

Basketball Details


  • Anti-slip wear-resisting surface,made of performance composite PU leather for soft feel and durability
  • High quality rubber middle level,It's made for indoors or outdoors,you can shoot the basketball higher and further and feel more motivated to play
  • Tight nylon wrap yarn,make sure the stability of flight and rotation when play basketball
  • Aging resistance butyl inner bladder,thickening butyl rubber,bounce stably without distortion 

A Basketball for Everyone

  • Children daily training basketball
  • Toy ball
  • Kindergarten game ball

  • School basketball training ball
  • Basketball training camp
  • Pro women basketball

  • Teens game basketball
  • official ball