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LEDNovelty President Donald Trump Stuffed, Plush CHEW Toy Doll Pets Dogs, Cats People.

● WHEN TRUMP SAID "NOBODY HAS BETTER TOYS THAN ME" he obviously hadn't seen our President Donald Trump Chew Toy for Dogs and Cats. It's the best! Your pet will love it when you toss this toy and they can retrieve it. Shake it for cats. Fun for everyone!● WATCH YOUR PET TEAR TRUMP TO PIECES. We admit it. We made this thing to be torn apart. Do you want to tear Trump to pieces? Well now you can at least watch your pet do it.● 100% SAFE FOR YOUR DOG & CAT. We use safe materials that don't contain toxins or harsh chemicals. Your pet can chew to his or her heart's content without any harm to health. Good exercise for both teeth and gums. Helps clean teeth for better dental health.● MAKES HEADLINES LESS TROUBLING thanks to the humorous nature of this delightful President Trump Chew Toy. Pets won't be the only ones smiling. We'll bet this toy will bring a grin to everyone in your family as well as neighbors.● 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase. Many people buy 2 or 3 of these for the enjoyment of all their pets. HURRY AND BUY NOW while this very popular product is in stock. This makes a great gift for birthday, Christmas, other holiday or friends, family, and co-workers.

YOUR SIDES WILL SPLIT WITH LAUGHTER as your pet grabs this awesome President Donald Trump Chew Toy. Pets love this shaking it, throwing it, tossing it to other pets, wrestling over it, and most of all TEARING IT TO PIECES. Cats are thrilled when you tie a string to the character's foot and drag him around the room. Better than a real mouse!

THIS TOY IS VERY REALISTIC with the famous Canary Yellow Hair, Blue Suit (with cash stuffed in the pockets), Red Tie, Yellow Dollar Socks, Black Shoes, and famous facial expression. Everyone who sees this toy will start to chuckle. The realism combined with a pet chew play toy is a stroke of delightful genius.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures this will be your best bet for a no-risk purchase. Many customers love this so much they return to buy a 2nd or 3rd Trump Chew Toy. HURRY AND BUY NOW while we have this remarkable novelty toy in stock. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers - anyone with a pet and sense of humor!