PENN Championship Extra-Duty High-Altitude Felt Tennis Balls 36 Count 12 Cans

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PENN Championship Extra-Duty High-Altitude Felt Tennis Balls 36 Count 12 Cans as pictured

REVIEW  "The Penn Championship tennis ball is completely different. Not only is it a more durable and high-performance ball than Wilson’s US Open ball...this is an extra-duty ball designed for use on hard courts. Aside from that, this tennis ball features interlocked wool fiber in the felt for increased durability. The fiber is released in a controlled manner in order to provide an even nap, while natural rubber reduces shock and offers a consistent feel of the ball."

BIGGER BALLS - I find to be easier to hit, just my opinion...

High altitude tennis balls vs Regular
'High altitude' tennis balls have diameters that are about 6% larger than 'low altitude' tennis balls. The reason for this is because at high altitudes, the air pressure is lower. ... Since less air pressure would mean less air resistance, they compensate by making the balls bigger.

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