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Project Paws Minnows Freeze Dried Treats for Dogs and Cats 1 oz

● Fresh, high-quality, single-sourced ingredients● Grain free, gluten free, guilt free● No added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or anything artificial● Made in USA● This product provides 7 meals for shelter pets

Project Paws Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats are proudly made, sourced, and packaged in the USA. Our freeze-dried dog and cat treats start with fresh, high-quality, single-sourced ingredients. We don’t add anything. No added hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or anything artificial; just single ingredient goodness! Our 48-hour slow freeze-drying process keeps the vital nutrients packed in without cooking the raw meat to retain all the active nutritional elements. This allows them to be safely stored without refrigeration and makes them great for training, snacking or used as a tasty protein boost on top of your pet’s food.