Selric Cozy Washable Dust Mop Slippers Stripe Closed Toe Dark Blue, Multi-sizes Multi-Colors Available, Chenille Fibre Detachable Mop Soles, Indoor House Slippers 10 1/4 Inches Size:9.5-10

10 1/4 Inches Size:9.5-10 Coffee
8 2/3 Inches Size:4-5 Red
9 7/9 Inches Size:5.5-8.5 Purple
10 1/4 Inches Size:9.5-10 Dark Blue
10 1/4 Inches Size:9.5-10 Red
8 2/3 Inches Size:4-5 Coffee
9 7/9 Inches Size:5.5-8.5 Dark Blue
8 2/3 Inches Size:4-5 Dark Blue
10 1/4 Inches Size:9.5-10 Purple
8 2/3 Inches Size:4-5 Purple
9 7/9 Inches Size:5.5-8.5 Red
9 7/9 Inches Size:5.5-8.5 Grey
9 7/9 Inches Size:5.5-8.5 Coffee
  • Material:Microfiber Chenille;Length:10 1/4 Inches ; Please Kindly Refer to Our Specific Size Picture Before Placing the Orders, Thank You for Your Patience.
  • Package Content:1 Pair Mop Slippers Shoes. Selric series slippers are also available in one pair of replacing soles, two pairs of replacing soles,one slippers plus two pairs of soles. If you are interested at them, Please Kindly Search for Inches Selric Replacing Soles Inches .
  • Product advantages: Well-constructed Comfortable,Adorable Functional,Stylish Attractive.
  • Product Features: Detachable Sole,Easy to Clean;Strong Water Absorption;Anti-skip and Quiet;Super Soft; Durable.
  • Used for Hardwood, Lament, or Tile Floors in Kitchen,Bedroom or Bathroom.It Can be a Gag Gift for Your Loved Ones in Valentines Days or Christmas.
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