Senston Basketball 29.5" Outdoor Indoor Mens Basketball Ball Official Size 7 Composite Basketballs

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Product Description

basketball ball


SENSTON basketball offers superior grip and maintain durability in both indoor and outdoor environments with a specially designed leather cover.

  • 80% nylon windings for SHAPE RETENTION;
  • 100% butyl bladder for MAXIMUM AIR RETENTION;
  • Wide deep channel grip design for BETTER DRIBBBLE CONTROL;
  • Cushion core technology offers an EXCEPTIONAL FEED and MORE CONSISTENT BOUNCE


The basketball will be deflated for a safe transportation, we suggest you to place the basketball for 24 hours after a fully inflating, the basketball will regain its perfect shape.

basketball ball
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Senston 1009/1010 Senston Ball Pump Senston 702 Senston 1007/1008 Senston 1001/1003 Senston 502/503/504
Cover Material Composite Leather Easy to carry Rubber Composite Leather Composite Leather Rubber
Size Size 6 / 28.5" 16cm/120g Size 7 / 29.5" Size 5/ 27.5" Size 5/ 27.5" Size 5/ 27.5"
Symmetrically Balanced
Cushioned Control