Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Football, Green with Blue

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Product Description

Do ever get that itch to get active, but it’s already dark out? Introducing Tangle Creations NightBall. It’s the football that you can play with any time of day. It doesn’t matter how late you get home or how short the days are getting, play football until you’re ready for bed! The Tangle NightBall Football is easy for everyone to the throw. Its larger size is great for smaller hands and the matrix design make it easy to throw and catch – day or night. Throw it through the air for a perfect pass or punt it for a fantastic field goal. It will light up the sky! Don’t worry about the ball going dark on you and getting lost in the night. The NightBall is designed to illuminate both upon impacts or during movement. Each toss, bounce, and roll of the ball triggers the light so you never lose track of it. The ball lights up, but the other players might not. Playing in the dark puts a new spin on your game. You can sneak up on someone and swoop in to steal the ball. They will literally never see you coming until it’s too late! Package contains (1) Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Football. Made from BPA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic TPR material. LED motion activated technology, the more it moves the brighter it lights up. Requires one non-standard battery (included).

From the Manufacturer

Never before has the world played with a football this cool. The NightBall is easy to catch and throw for everyone, with all abilities. And with the NightBall, the real fun starts when the sun goes down. The NightBall has special LED lights that get brighter when you throw it. The NightBall is literally hours of fun - all day and all night.