The Rock- Basketball - Official Mens

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The Rock Basketball with no logos feels and plays like leather, with a super grip feel and deep pebble construction for a better grip on the ball. Official Men's 29.5 circumference

Rated the best indoor basketball by Hoopsfiend (tied with Spalding Precision basketball)
 Certificate of Authenticity Included
 Reinforced double-ply butyl bladder for extra strength.
C2C (Core 2 Cover) Technology
A 100% nylon wound creates a better grip on the ball.
A sponge rubber patented exterior feels super soft and great for ball-handling. Extreme scuff resistant exterior.
Made of composite material for superior durability.
Deep Pebble channel design
Indoor use only
NFHS Approved

Also listed as "Official", "Size 7" or "Men's" This is the official size for men's high school, college, and professional basketball. Recommended for men and boys 15 and older.

Created by the New York based, family-owned, Anaconda Sports. A small brand compared to the big guys of the industry like Wilson and Spalding, The Rock basketball has gained a cult following used by the top players in the NBA.