VETRA Volleyball Soft Touch Volley Ball Official Size 5 Outdoor Indoor Beach Gym Game Ball New (Yellow/Blue/White)

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In the court or on the sand, the VETRA soft touch volleyball handles every pass, serve and hit with a durable construction and super responsive touch.
The VETRA soft touch volleyball designed for indoor, outdoor use and recreational play. you can use it as a beach volleyball, indoor on the gym court, as a water polo ball and more.
Each ball is made from high quality, durable PVC.
The VETRA volleyball holds the air and stay inflated without air leaks.
The soft touch technology offers softer feel and maximum grip to the players.
The colorful design stands out whenever you play.


Soft touch technology for softer feel.
Durable constriction and responsive touch.
Holds the air and stay inflated without air leaks.
Colorful design.
Official size.
Best value for the price.


The VETRA brand was established in 2012.
For now VETRA offers only highly selected merchandise targeted to volleyball players, runners, swimmers and more, for professional and recreational use.
The team is working now to expand the collection.
Our mission is to give our customers the best value for money.
Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.